Ketamine and Me


It’s been a month since my last Ketamine infusion for treatment resistant depression and suicidal ideation.  My depression was just about to win this life long battle before my mother and Dr. Hill at Ketamine Health and Wellness Center of Texas stepped in to help me fight this demon. After my first infusion, suicide wasn’t in the cards anymore. After my 3rd infusion, I was completely free. Now, with 6 infusions in the bag, I have an entirely new outlook on life. I am a spiritual person. I can see the beauty in the world. I can feel love and joy. These were all foreign concepts to me.  The depression was so heavy that I couldn’t see anything but what it wanted me to see. Now, here I am, less than 3 months later, living my life on my own terms.  My thoughts flow clearly and freely. It’s as though I’ve been gifted a whole new chance life!  Welcome to my journey! If you feel lost, there is hope. Don’t give up.  I will be here for you.

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