The stigma on mental health is far too strong.  I plan to do everything in my power to start a movement to educate the world so that there is no reason to judge or fear someone because of their brain chemistry.  Mental illnesses can affect anyone.  By starting a dialogue, we can work together to save lives.

As a sufferer of major depression, chronic anxiety, panic disorder, as well as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) for the majority of my life, I know the pain of the misunderstanding that surrounds us at every turn.  Relationships of all kinds are constantly strained by the misunderstanding of people who suffer from mental illnesses such as these and a whole plethora of others.  With open lines of communication, instead of fear of losing more than our minds, we can begin to make the change that will save countless lives.

It is my mission to help educate my readers about different types of mental illnesses.  We will discuss treatments varying from historical, modern day and even cutting edge, new approaches.  I will speak from my personal experiences with all of the above.  I will share stories of others who have suffered, stories of some who have lost the battle, and as many success stories I can find.  I will share ways in which I am overcoming a lifetime of self doubt, negative self talk, and failed relationships.  I will tell you about my incredible success with ketamine infusions.

Finally, I’m not a teacher or a doctor of any kind.  I’m just a normal gal.  I will share some serious information, but don’t be surprised if you catch an “F Bomb” or two.  Welcome!

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